Photo booth stand at almost every station and were primarily used to not indispensable. For a passport photograph like a vending machine to be passable, but have you ever wondered whether you should apply with such images at a company? Is it high enough quality and what kind of impression does a vending photo?
With this question, not only I am working as a professional portrait photographer, but also a number of candidates who are facing a new professional challenge. More and more people are finding namely that the requirements for an application photo today are higher than they used to and that passport photos are not suitable for applications. The demand for professional application photos is therefore greater than ever.

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So great so the need for professional application photos has never been. Since I use opportunities to exciting discussions with HR professionals and over again, I know that HR managers great value on professional photographs with job applications. Today, the application photo regarded as the first impression of an application and should be as professional as possible, or reflect the candidate sympathetic and competent. HR people are often under great time pressure and can not read through each application in detail.

They often make two stacks of applications - those that fall right out and they all cover letter to yourself again. It is even more important this time pressure and market competition that, in the application is really everything. The photo plays a not insignificant role here. The photo is kind of a first optical impression of you. It is scientifically proven that a picture us x times better in memory remains as a mere text. It is obvious that so the photo you speak, visually vertretet. Contribute personable and knowledgeable on a passport photo, this is to your advantage. The image support your impeccable application again with an important visual impression.

Application photo in the media

Bewerbungsfoto Today ArticleWas actually write guides on the network through application photos? Aptly put on the punk I find the Article:

Even the quality of the photo on each application can top be whether personnel departments or bosses and headhunters you find attractive or not. The application photo can be the door opener in addition to professional prior knowledge in many cases. Many job seekers do not realize is this fact. The photo will decide whether applications will be read!

An application photos is the first impression an application. With a professional photo application you give in your application truly from a good picture.

With good portrait photo, you can inspire not only your application, but can also show your social profiles such as Xing or Linkedin shine in new splendor. Tip: Update the same time as your application your profile on the web and enter your performances as a particularly professional line. Read all about the application photo here.

The application of photo - the first impression

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Applying for a job is kid's play! Unfortunately, however, and for quite some time, not everyone has been doing this as well as they should. Don't follow the masses and let yourself be satisfied with mediocre photos! Apply for jobs using fresh and authentic application photos, that will be well received by HR. Using good portrait photos, you'll be applying on a professional level and at the same time will have photos for social networks like Xing or LinkedIn.

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