Learn important information about application photos! Tip and tricks on what you should look out and how you can enhance your application with good photos.

The application of photo - the first impression

Applying for a job is kid's play! Unfortunately, however, and for quite some time, not everyone has been doing this as well as they should. Don't follow the masses and let yourself be satisfied with mediocre photos! Apply for jobs using fresh and authentic application photos, that will be well received by HR. Using good portrait photos, you'll be applying on a professional level and at the same time will have photos for social networks like Xing or LinkedIn.

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Good application photos are authentic

Good application photos show the applicant authentically in their best light. On your application photo, you should make a positive and pleasant impression. This even applies for positions in banking! The era of blue, marbled portraits with serious expressions, etc. is definitely over. Be pleasant and authentic. A professional photographer gets exactly these qualities from you and takes photos which show you as competent and pleasant. Depending on your field, there's more scope for expression. An application photo for a banking position, for example, needs to be more formal, than an application for a marketing specialist position

Dresses that fit for application photos

I'm often asked by job applicants, what clothes they should bring along to their photo shoot. To my mind, there's no simple answer as to what clothes would be the perfect match. My advice would be to reflect first about what kind of first impression you want to make on a company. First impressions are very important as they can literally tip the scales in your favour. Therefore, for your application photos, it's best to pick clothes that fit both the company and your field of work.

For consultants and bankers it's clear that applicants should wear a standard business suit and tie. For other office jobs, on the other hand, a suit and tie isn't obligatory. In case of doubt, it is better to select something more formal than too casual. A suit is normally well received, and doesn't have to give off too stern an impression. The content is the decisive matter, that is to say, you as a person! Depending on your field you'll be allowed more freedom of expression and to bring your own personal touch to the pictures. Above all, it's important that you are shown to be competent and pleasant in the pictures, whether you're a manager or an IT specialist. This is exactly where the photographer's art comes into play. We help and guide you through the short photo shoot. This is very important, since, after a busy day at the office, you probably don't look as fresh as you did in the morning. Photographers are like speaking mirrors, who can give you useful tips during the photo shoot. You can be confident in giving a professional photographer your complete trust.

Basic tips on clothes for application photos:

  • Select fitted dresses that match the industry alone.
  • Colors. Select prefer not too colorful dresses. Uni colours and more no fine patterns are recommended. A very fine checkered tie can due to the moire effect z.B: have a very restless.
  • Brushing it out. For most, it is of course well-kept and slick to appear to the photo shoot, not for the few. Show it from the best. This also means that they consider themselves in the mirror and just make a check if everything is seated. A good photographer will help them be happy!

With or without glasses on application photos?

If you usually wear glasses, you should definitely take the photos with the glasses! You can see a familiar spectacle wearers on the application photos often on when he is not wearing glasses times. Be very self in the photos.

Let you retouch application photos?

In general, it is not necessary to have retouch photos for applications with good illumination of the photographer. But there are a few exceptions where it may make sense, for example if you are somewhat drawn by little sleep and have strong dark circles. Also useful it can be to touch the suit in a patch or something. It is very important that on the essential not to lose focus and always remember that you have to map an application photo never greater than 5x7cm. If you look at the picture very large on the screen, you may be a few blemishes on the face stand out, however, the play absolutely no role in the effective small size. So Always consider the application image in the eventual size and only then decide whether you want to edit an image. In most cases it is not necessary to edit photos for application images.

Tips against tired eyes

Who has not already: Stressful phase in the business, a lot of work and a lot of thoughts that take a sleep. A two days it forgives us of the body when we are not recovered. But if the stress already holding some weeks or even weeks, you can see it in the face of good. What to do about dark circles and red eyes? And most importantly: What to do for a fresh look just before a photo shoot or an interview? Who knows since advice? Of course, my make-up artist Stefanie Lauchenauer.

Steffi, was kann ich tun, wenn ich eine lange Nacht hinter mit hatte und man es mir ansieht? 🙂

Makeup artist Steffi:

visagistinFirst you can cool the eyes by packing coffee spoons in the freezer of the refrigerator and the cold spoon then keeps his eyes closed. This reduces swelling and gives a fresh kick.

Then the eyes well with some cream eye cream.

Meistens reicht das noch nicht und so greifen wir noch tiefer in die Trickkiste. Um Augenschatten abzudecken verwenden wir einen Concealer. Der Concealer ist ein spezielles Abdeckprodukt für unter die Augen. Es gibt ihn in verschiedenen Konsistenzen. Bei leichten Augenschatten reicht eine leichte, flüssige Konsistenz. Hingegen benutze ich bei starken Augenringe Concealer-Sticks. Das Produkt wird einen Ton heller als der Make-up Ton gewählt und unter den Augen aufgetragen und mit der Fingerkuppe angeklopft. Wenn nötig, anschliessend noch mit ganz wenig Gesichtspuder abgepudert.

You will amazed how fresh looks her now.

Thank you Steffi for your advice!

Application photos for women

Woman Flight Attandant ApplicationThe application photo of the woman, because like a some ask why this title. The reality of the Google search results and feedback from customers clearly show that women make specific study by application photos. There seems to be a desire of many women to be the application image justice as a woman. But what should be in a passport photo a woman other than in a man? It is a fact that women have not been so well represented in leadership positions as men. Depending on the industry, there are far fewer women in occupied places, eg in industry or logistics. Draw many people to conclude that a woman must occur very hard to be the industry and its rather hard Image needs. From conversations with Bewerbungs shoots I know that women do particularly tough and confident want to come over.
My recommendation for women in leadership positions is subtly to underline their competence and self-confidence in the photos. With appropriate poses and a friendly expression women can affect particularly competent application photos, without leaving an arrogant side taste. The task of the photographer is best to help you there.

Size for Application Photo Prints

Typically, application photos printed about the mass of 5x7cm. In order for a print application photo is quite a bit larger than a passport photo! Prints However, you should only use if the job posting was written. In an ad in a newspaper you are applying by mail, otherwise digitally via email.

Unsolicited applications without competitors

Machen Sie auch Initiativbewerbungen /Blindbewerbungen (ist dasselbe)! Zögern Sie nicht, sich auch bei Firmen zu bewerben, die momentan keine Stelle ausgeschrieben haben. Bei fast allen Unternehmen wird zuerst intern nach einer neuen Besetzung gesucht und erst später wird die Stelle öffentlich ausgeschrieben. Mit einer Blindbewerbung können Sie mit etwas Glück einen vollen Treffer landen und genau zur richtigen Zeit auf sich aufmerksam machen. Zum Gegensatz zu einer gewöhnlichen Bewerbung, haben sie viel weniger Konkurrenten, vielleicht sind Sie sogar alleine. Schreiben Sie aber zur Blindbewerbung immer ein Motivationsschreiben (ca. eine A4 Seite), in welchem Sie ihre Überzeugung zur jenen Stelle bei der Firma äussern. Sie dürfen so richtig Gas geben, wenn Sie wirklich von der Firma überzeugt sind. Bleiben Sie aber authentisch und natürlich, dann kommt es gut.

Tip: Take a step and join your favorite companies blindly. If you can convince, they get a step your dream job closer.

Tips for Job newbies

Job counselors TipsWhat if it has worked with the applications and you suddenly receive a confirmation? How should one behave in the first days of the new employer? Rather restrained or euphoric? I am on the following Article encountered with practical tips for job-newbies.

Palpitations, sweaty palms, and a feeling as on the first day of school: who takes up a new job, embarks on a little adventure. It is important to leave familiar structures with well-known colleagues and adapt to the new company. Job newbies can not start early enough. "Are you engaged already at home with the industry and the future business," Doris and Frank Brenner advised in her book "probationary period - 100 clever tips». "Also, try your existing deficits - that have emerged about the interview - break down. Or visit individual training before starting work. "

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