Who has not already: Stressful phase in the business, a lot of work and a lot of thoughts that take a sleep. A two days it forgives us of the body when we are not recovered. But if the stress already holding some weeks or even weeks, you can see it in the face of good. What to do about dark circles and red eyes? And most importantly: What to do for a fresh look just before a photo shoot or an interview? Who knows since advice? Of course, my make-up artist Stefanie Lauchenauer.

Steffi, was kann ich tun, wenn ich eine lange Nacht hinter mit hatte und man es mir ansieht? 🙂

Makeup artist Steffi:

visagistinFirst you can cool the eyes by packing coffee spoons in the freezer of the refrigerator and the cold spoon then keeps his eyes closed. This reduces swelling and gives a fresh kick.

Then the eyes well with some cream eye cream.

Most often not enough and so we use the even deeper into their bag of tricks. To cover eye shadows, we use a concealer. The concealer is a special concealer for under the eyes. It is available in different consistencies. In light eye shadow a light, fluid consistency ranges. However, I use concealer sticks with strong eye circles. The product is selected a tone lighter than the tone and makeup applied under the eyes and tapped into place with the fingertip. If necessary then still powdered with very little face powder.

You will be amazed how fresh you look now.

Thank you Steffi for your advice!