shot_0112-3To do it all right! Application of photo opportunities and interview with the perfect tie accounts. A tie knot is free and will only cost you a few minutes of work - but the effect is priceless! Whether in application photos or at a job interview, you have no second chance for a first impression! Actually clear, so you place a lot of value to your appearance and your non-verbal communication. Here is a guide and a few tips on how you can easily learn the two most important tie knots. As hard as it is not at all!
Viel Spass beim Krawattenknoten Üben wünscht Photographer Manuel Fischer!

Simple knot (Four in Hand)

This tie knot is named after the bound scarves worn by the driver in the 18th century in London. They tied a simple knot and protected themselves with these blankets against the cold and wind.

Tie - simple knot

A sporty outfit can be combined perfectly with this tie knot. Since the simple knot is easy to tie, it is ideally suited for beginners. It also fits all ties and almost all collar.

Double Windsor Knot

The Windsor knot called, after the Duke of Windsor. It is optimally suited for shirts with widely spaced collar points due to its abundance. The Windsor knot is not necessarily recommended for thick padded tiesBecause the node can be very thick. Very large men should do without this tie knot rather because he takes as a double knot much of the length of the tie to complete and then for bigger men simply is too short.

Tie - double Windsor knot

The Perfect Tie for application photos

Decisive for the choice of the tie to a photo shoot is the overall picture on the eventual photos. It is important that the tie looks photogenic in the photos. Here are a few tips for the perfect photo shoot tie:

  • memory effektTo renounce checkered / fine strips. You may be familiar with the moiré effect that is created with digital photography. The moire effect is flickering with fine patterns, that is disturbing, and take away almost in his eyes. This a kind of 3D effect is not desired in photos. With a uni-colored tie or large patterns / stripes of the flicker and ripple effect transgress not.
  • Fine patterns appear dirty. Small or fine patterns can flicker like thin strips. In addition, small patterns go under on a photo taken because a passport photo is generally considered only in smaller size. Fine tie pattern not only go under but, but they can be a tie also look dirty. Tip: Use only ties with Great stripes or patterns.

Image Sources: Dr. Ferdinand Pohl -

Interesting to know: history of the tie

Geschichte der KrawatteThe Tie[2] Thanks to their Popularity a popular legend, a Troops Parade located in 1663 before the still under construction Schloss Versailles for the French King Louis XIV At this parade was also a Croatian Cavalry Regiment deployed.[3] These riders wore according to tradition, a piece of cloth soaked in the form of a collar Rosette (Or Loop) Was mounted and hung on the ends of the breast. This part of the uniform of the Croats reportedly attracted the attention of the king himself, the Cravate then took over and within the Nobility widespread. He employed its own Cravatier for the care of his cravats.

Source: Wikipedia, Tie