Job counselors TipsI meet the exciting Article "On the way to the first Rendez-vous" from Communications agency Neumann & Zanetti gestossen.

As with the Application photo leaves a new employee is an important first impression. New Job, new challenge - but how to get started? Who behaves correctly as a job newbie, sets the course in business very crucial. Practical tips on how to behave in the first days of the new employer provides the following products.

Palpitations, sweaty palms, and a feeling as on the first day of school: who takes up a new job, embarks on a little adventure. It is important to leave familiar structures with well-known colleagues and adapt to the new company. Job newbies can not start early enough. "Are you engaged already at home with the industry and the future business," Doris and Frank Brenner advised in her book "probationary period - 100 clever tips». "Also, try your existing deficits - that have emerged about the interview - break down. Or visit individual training before starting work. "To prepare it belongs also to set themselves specific goals you want to achieve within the trial period.

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