Make laugh or to serious in a passport photo? The communication expert Daniel Zanetti gets to the point. Enjoy the read! Manuel Fischer.

I've seen hundreds of resumes in my life. Unfortunately, there were and are always doing photos that go under the category FBI manhunt image. We want to adjust but candidates and not locked up.

Take a look to someone who sifts through applications. You will notice immediately that those application will be considered in more detail, which is enclosed a photo. With a photo you attach your application, you will achieve exactly what is meant by a positive first impression. Provided you present yourself in the right light.

Tips for an effective application photo

Never apply without photo

Our brain works like a camera, namely in pictures. Look at the ceiling and you do not think about a pink elephant! See you! And now you look at your application photo and ask yourself: "Would I spend with this person like my work?"

Invest in your appearance!

Go to a professional photographer and not an anonymous machines in the station underpass. When, I ask you, should you invest in your appearance, if not for a job application?

Evaluate your photo according to the following criteria:


Look at the viewer's eyes. They speak at the viewer as directly and obtain a confident effect.

Application photo womanSmile

Radiate (glaubwürdig!) joy and happiness, and ask yourself: "Would I like someone to let me go to customer?".


Choose aware no wallet size, but our own. The well-known ID Photo has the great disadvantages that make it stand out enough from your competitors.

Statement / credibility

Which statement you want to meet with your photo? There is an essential difference whether you are applying for an IT project leader position or as a creative employee of an advertising agency. In any case, you should present themselves in those clothes in which you appear to work later. For Casual or styled appearance can have a negative effect. The most important point of all is the: Present yourself exactly as you are, and do not adjust yourself. Credibility is everything.
The photo is of course only one part of your application, but it gives a very significant impression of your personality and also reveals your quality standards. In addition, it contributes significantly to whether you get the chance to audition in person. Sympathetic people will simply prefer to get to know.

Bonus tip: Make a note on the back of the photo, be sure your name and date of birth. If triggers the image of the application, you can assign your documents still are.

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