If the stationery could talk!

Cover Letter paper stackBei Gesprächen mit HR-Verantwortlichen interessiert es mich immer besonders, was für eine Vielfalt an Bewerbungsfotos eingereicht wird. Nicht selten verdreht die HR-Fachperson vor mir die Augen und erzählt von lustigen Bewerbungsfoto-Erlebnissen. Im Gegensatz zu den USA, wo keine Bewerbungsfotos üblich sind, wird hierzulande fast alles eingeschickt. Ferienfotos, Freizeitfotos oder irgendwelche qick and dirty Fotos vom Optiker – so ziemlich alles kreuz und quer. Wen wundert’s, dass solche Bewerbungen postwendend retourniert werden. Ich kenne sogar eine renommierte Schweizer Kommunikationsagentur, die auf gute Bewerbungsfotos mit meinem sympathischen Lächeln besteht – zu Recht finde ich. Die fragen sich: “Wollen wir mit dieser Person zusammenarbeiten? Macht der Job mit dieser Person wohl Spass?”. Bei einem Ja, geht’s eine Runde weiter, bei einem Nein wird der Aktenvernichter gefüttert.
There are still applicants who do not want to admit it, that they should give some trouble to the application photo. Apply called himself to sell. To advertise itself and trigger more when HR office pleasure. If the HR paper shredder and the candidate Stationery could talk, their call would look to all applicants something like this.

If the stationery could talk:

Dear candidate, this is your stationery. I do not want you ship me by mail and I then go into the mass of many applications! I deserve better! Please refresh me with a fresh application photo, is well received by HR offices. I want that one spotlighting me and give me attention. I will not go into the shredder! Please invest a few francs for great photos that you use then even for Xing and LinkedIn can

Listen to the imaginary voice of the shredder! It's not so hard to give some oomph to your application and reduce the chances of destruction! Have a stop to the destruction of your application documents by the beneficiary for interest. Below a few tips on how you can increase the chances of getting an interview massively...

So beats your application like a bomb

Verwenden Sie professionelle Bewerbungsfotos von einem Fotografen
Show your sympathetic smile on application photos. (If you do not have one, you work on it!)
Not perish in bulk and use quiet creative photos. It is nowhere written that an application photo always 5x7cm great a must.
Passport photos belong to the pass and not in your application!
An application photo should be authentic! (What does this mean? Ask a professional photographers!)
Look for the matching clothes! The expressions such as "small-minded" or "Pünktlischisser" do not just happen. Avoid small 4Eckmuster and points on the clothes, the same goes for the tie!
Apply in writing to digital jobs with a digital PDF, otherwise by post
Do not attach photos with the written application on, but print out the application with the picture together from.
If you decide to use a photo print, label the photo on the back with your name and date of birth. Sticking, instead of staple!

More practical tips I'll let you contact us by mail or at an application photo shoot!

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